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Edward Eagle

Participants use their ‘Eagle Eye Mind’ to spot Edward Eagle by figuring out clues to his location by the helpful hints which include photographs, familiar objects and rhyming riddles which will be posted on social media (Facebook and Instagram).

The first to find the stuffed animal eagle (aka Edward Eagle) wins the first round. The first round includes an instant win because Edward Eagle will be nesting on a gift certificate to one of Eagle Chamber’s member businesses.

Players who post their find and win to our social media are entered into the Grand Drawing for the Super Prize!  (TBD)

For instance:

If our chamber clues included (minus photos, this time around)

  • Clue 1: When Edward Eagle looks up, he can see a big Yellow ‘M’
  • Clue 2: Edward Eagle’s diet often involves potato
  • Clue 3: Sometimes Edward Eagle hangs out with a clown

You see where we’re going. Yes, McDonald’s would be the right location. Edward Eagle will be nesting inside said location, all you need to do…is check. If right, you just won an instant gift certificate that qualifies you for grand drawing.

Upon business location notifying the Chamber that Edward Eagle has been found, we will post winner and cease search. Hence, making sure no one is exhausting their time and efforts.

And will commence next location and clues. Not sure how many locations Edward Eagle will be nesting at until Grand Drawing. It will depend how this Community Fun is accepted and plays out.

We’re hoping this will be year-round family fun. Join us in finding Edward Eagle. He’ll be visiting several Eagle businesses, who all welcome adventure and friendly faces.